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You don't have to live with being unhappy with your shape. You CAN change the way you look! Consistency and continued motivation is key to getting there and most importantly staying there. You'll never regret it!



Fenny started with a background in dance. With a passion for dance and exercise, fitness has not only spurred her to become a Personal Trainer but also owner of her own personal training gym. Her contagious enthusiasm for and knowledge of a broad spectrum of gym-based activities means that her sessions will always be fun as well as focused!

Fenny completed her personal training certification with FISAF and is core and pre/post-natal certified which she integrates into her training techniques. The results are a leaner, more agile and coordinated body. Her clients learn how to move from their core, improve their balance and most importantly… feel good in their bodies!

  • Certified Fitness Trainer
    FISAF International
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (Special Population)
  • CPR Certified
    Singapore Life Saving Society

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