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Personal TrainerRonnie Tan

One of my favorite quotes is: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” I relate this to fitness because living a healthy and longer life through exercise and proper nutrition does not have to be a hard process. Just like anything in our lives, fitness is about CONSISTENCY.



With 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, Ron is one of our most experienced and qualified trainers. He is very passionate in sports and fitness. His love for a variety of sports ( ranging from mixed martial arts, soccer, running and swimming to pilates ), sees him incorporates them into his clients' sessions. He also takes a holistic approach in personal training and aims to make his sessions both fun and effective.

He also enjoys running and had took part in a few marathons and triathlons event.

An affable personality, Ron is dedicated to fulfilling each of his clients' fitness potential.

  • Diploma In Sports & Coaching
    United States Sports Academy
  • Certificate In Sports Medicine
    United States Sports Academy
  • Certificate In Sports Strength & Conditioning
    United States Sports Academy
  • BEC Certified
    Singapore Sports Council
  • FIC Certified
    Singapore Sports Council
  • Total Immersion (Freestyle)
    Triathlon Global Workshop by Total Immersion (USA)

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