Events / Project Management

We have managed some of the biggest sports events in Singapore from conception to conclusion. However, we do not limit ourselves to massive high-profile events. Our expertise and dependability has led to managing fun activities like Team Building, Motivational Campaigns, Group Exercise Classes, etc.

Gym Design & Installation

Operating a fitness centre is not just about having the proper equipment. Aesthetics, layouts, creating the right environment, etc plays as big a role in the success of a fitness centre. Our experience and understanding of this business puts us in a great position to provide consultation in erecting a gym in apartments, hotels, or just for general business.

Gym Management

Superior marketing, dependable operations, excellent personal training, and meticulous maintenance are tantamount to the success of Gym 360. We have carefully crafted a model management system and executed it with success. Our key promoters with years hands-on experience are more than capable to provide invaluable expertise in managing a fitness centre.

Personal Training

Specific physical objectives have to be matched with tailor-made workouts. This is where the experience and expertise of personal trainers come in. We take pride in providing enhanced training that fits into your personal schedules at Gym 360.

Personal training programmes include those for weight loss, body sculpting, muscle toning, pre-natal, post-rehabilitation, elderly training, body building, functional training, sports enhancement, etc.