"Training with Guna and the team at Gym 360 is more than lifting weights, sweating, working out or losing weight. The team has helped me realize that fitness is about leading a healthy life and they keep me honest even when I cheat on myself. At the end of the day, whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, get stronger or just be healthier, you'll have a great team to rely on at Gym360 to reach those goals. And if you're up for it, you'll have fun while you're there too." - Becky Ives

"I have been training with Guna since 2003 and have not regretted since. He is very flexible and effective. He'll tailor make the training program to suit your interests as well as your needs, and will also try to accommodate your schedule when he can. When I was pregnant, he encouraged me to continue training (when I was allowed to), and this helped during the pregnancy, through to birth. Guna is not only my personal trainer, but he's also grown to be a very caring and thoughtful friend throughout these years." - Wen Lee (Management Consultant, Multinational software company)

"With family, work and travel commitments, keeping a regular exercise schedule is very challenging for me. My 360 instructor has been instrumental in helping me develop a level of consistency and discipline in my fitness program. He is flexible and adjusts the training routine to my schedule as well as the exercises to my slipped disc condition. I also like the cozy and friendly environment of the gym." - KK (IT Architect, Multinational software company)

"Guna has been my personal trainer for nearly ten years. The results I have achieved are largely due to his training methods and exercise programs which are challenging and at the same time achievable. Guna is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and friendly. He is not just my personal trainer but also a good friend." - Tan Soo Kiat (Project Implementation Specialist, ES Consultancy)

"The Personal Trainers at Fitness 360 gives you an efficient and enjoyable training session with continuously changing the activities and focus. This ensures that you enjoy, have fun and your body gets a full workout." - Toni Ruotanen (Director, Asia Pacific & Greater China Customer Service and Consumer Support, Multinational software company)

"In my first 4 months of training with Kelvin Ong, I lost 15 pounds. My chronically sore left knee has been healed and my core strength has risen exponentially. My arms got chiseled, my energy is way up, my blood pressure is lower and with Kelvin's guidance, I'm eating healthier. My quality of life has greatly improved from working with him over the past year. Kelvin is a highly focused, results-oriented trainer whose sense of humor makes working out fun." - Matt Sheridan (Assistant Arts Professor)

"What do I like about 360gym....Ron!!!

Ron's understanding and his knowledge of my needs have far exceeded any trainer I have ever worked out with, He is realistic about my goals, He has turned me on to boxing and the feeling exhilaration after each work out is fantastic." Ron is personable and motivating!

The overall atmosphere at the 360 gym is a fun and positive environment. And my favorite part is stretching after each workout, a "mini" thai massage, done personally by Ron. WAY TO GO..." - Holly Amiri (Private Nurse)

"When you work out, the last thing you want is to have to do the same old exercises each session. What I like about Ravi’s personal training sessions is that he constantly challenges my body. He keeps himself updated – so you’re not stuck with a trainer who has a limited bag of old tricks. Instead, no two sessions for me are ever the same – and mixing things up definitely prevents you from hitting a plateau, continues to work the muscles in new ways, and, importantly, keeps the workout fresh and interesting (you literally don’t know what to expect next!)." - Barbara Koh (Deputy Editor, The Singapore Women's Weekly)

"Feel fitter and healthier than ever before thanks to Rabi's excellent training programme." - Fiona & Dave Ratz



"I have trained with Rabi for over 3 years and he is an excellent motivator who demands the most of his clients. At 45 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life." - John McAuley (Director, Orbital Capital)


"Rabi has trained me for the last five years and has been nothing but great. He’s motivated me to work out harder than I have in the past. He knows where the weaker areas are in my body that needs to be worked on. He is a great trainer and knows how to push me so I reach my full potential. Rabi works me hard but it is rewarding at the end of the day." - Ai Choo (Director)

"Rabi knows exactly what needs to be done for me. I have always been an active person playing rugby and he knows what needs to be done to keep me fit for training and games. He understands that everybody’s physique is different and knows what needs to be done to achieve a tone body." - Sylvia (Student)

"I hated gym......but, no longer the case. I have started training with Fenny since April 2008, and still going on. I have benefited physically, mentally and emotionally from my gym sessions with her. As a personal trainer, Fenny is tough, but in a good way. She trains me appropriately based on my needs and capability. She constantly pushes me without being intimidating. Training is never boring, as Fenny is well experienced and 'creative' in coming up with interesting sessions. I have since become more active and healthy. Besides training, Fenny is also a friend whom I can share my life experience with. She has a good pair of 'listening ear'. Her bubbly personality, and optimism towards life has bring much comfort to me. Training in Gym 360, with Fenny, is both sweet and sour....includes lot of sweat and laughter....which is what I enjoy. It keeps me going back." - Pauline Chia (Director)

"When Guna asked me to write a testimonial for him a few months ago, the first thing that came into my mind was how often he says PT is all about physical torture and pain, or how often he says, 'I’ll kick your ass, 20 reps, hurry up!'. His favorite motto is 'if it hurts, work it more'. At the end of the day, you just give up complaining and, to borrow Nike’s motto, JUST DO IT.

But that, I think, is the magic in the way Guna approaches training. For him, training hard is more of a mental challenge. He took the time to figure out what makes me tick and what motivates me. Once he figured all that out, he uses it to make sure I pushed on through hell and high water and overcame a defeatist attitude. Guna doesn’t recognize the words 'I can’t'.

Since I started training with Guna over 2 years ago, I’ve found that I’m physically and mentally stronger (I’ll let Guna be the final word on that) and (I think). I’ve started to look forward to my sessions with him. I particularly enjoy it when I know I’ve just gone through an especially challenging workout. I won’t say that training with Guna is easy, or that I don’t suffer for that one hour. The threat of an ass-kicking is always in the air. Still, I show up, faithfully (almost every Tuesday and Thursday morning), tired, sleepy and mostly late. And that’s usually one of the best parts of my day. Thanks Guna!" - Wilma Muhundan (Asst. General Counsel, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore)

"I first met Guna in 2003 when he was at California Fitness and was so impressed with his level of commitment to his clients that I decided to have him as my personal trainer.

Soon work and personal commitments hindered me from continuing with his services but he was the first person I called when I knew I needed help staying in shape and in strengthening my knees due to my recent surgery.

I have never looked back since! Guna is not just my trainer but a friend as well.Thanks for continuing to push me dude!" - Ashiq Hashim (Teacher, Tanjong Katong Primary School)

"Hi there, my name is Kablina. I'm working as a Personal Assistant and I have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. Like most women, I was conscious about my flabbiness. I tried dieting on my own and yes I did lose weight, but my body was not well toned.

After recommendation from a friend, I decided to go for an individualized work out 2 times a week trained by Kelvin Ong from Gym360. The gym is very near from my office so it's very convenient. The gym is well equipped for various workouts, it also has shower room for male & female (separate of course) and lockers to store my stuff.

It has been almost 3 months and I have been able to feel an increase in my energy level and my body is more toned up now. Kelvin is a well trained & friendly trainer, and he's always around to guide me. We will have a good laugh now and then, and of course I always enjoy the workout sessions.

Hey Kelvin, thanks for such an awesome workout!" - Kablina (Personal Assistant)

"Training at Fitness 360 is both fun and effective. The friendly trainers were always there to assist me whenever I needed assistance. They will also ensure that I have a holistic training regime." - Agnes Ang (Teacher)


"I am a naturally lazy person when it came to exercise and working out. A lot of it to be blamed on my irratic working hours and hectic schedule.However, one of my dreams is to get in better shape and getting some muscle toned. So i was lucky to have a chance to workout with Guna and his team at Fitness 360. My experience with Guna has been extremely rewarding and inspiring so far. I started training with him since Dec 2009 and have felt that its one of the best investments I've ever made. I have tried many gyms and trainers in Singapore but none to match Fitness 360.

The team has been extremely motivational, inspirational, knowledgeable and well-prepared. They keep the energy up during the workouts and the personal care and attentiveness is unmatched.

I can only say that as long as i am living in Singapore I cant think of any other that I can use their guidance to help me achieve my fitness goals. And last but not the least Guna is a trainer to have for life...his passion in helping his clients meet their fitness goals is second to none.Thanks a lot Guna!!" - Nesheta (Manager, Tanker Chartering Maersk Broker Singapore)

"After visiting several Gyms and meeting several trainers. Decided on Gym 360 and engaged Trainer Rabi. Today I'm several pants size down, leaner and fitter. Rabi's motivational and training methods are full proof." - Anand (Managing Director)


"I have had the pleasure of training with Rabi since2009. I was impressed with his knowledge and expert advice.He is an outstanding, educated, motivating trainer I have everexperienced. It is never boring, we laugh and have fun.He is always polite and respectful. I strongly recommend himand am sure you will be more than satisfied with his performance." - Frank (Director)

"Ron and Kelvin are truly very professional and knowledgeable. They know how to motivate me and help me get the most out of my workout time each week. I have not looked back since and hope to continue to train with them to achieve new fitness goals! I’ve definitely grown a lot stronger and have greater stamina I can do a lot more in my daily activities." - Jennifer

"I have trained with Guna since 2006, and in that time he has helped motivate me to achieve my best at the gym. He adapts training methods to suit my evolving needs and keeps me energised and motivated by exploring the latest training techniques and equipment available. Guna is a pleasant, happy and friendly; and we have become personal friends over the many years that we have been training together. " - Thomas Lillelund (General Manager & Principal Officer, International Reinsurance Company)

"" I have always struggled to motivate myself to exercise properly - previously I used to pay for a monthly gym membership and then go maybe once a month if I was lucky, making it the most expensive gym session ever! But seeing Fenny has been different and really worked for me. Fenny worked with my weaknesses and, in particular, the pains in my knees - she helped me to strengthen the muscles round my knees which had previously made it difficult for me to do cardio. As I got stronger, I was able to do more and more and really started to see results. The biggest difference was that I was seeing a difference all over - parts of my body that I didn't even know how to tone and shape and muscles I didn't even know I had. Fenny knew how far to push me to make sure that I was constantly challenging myself and working out effectively but equally knowing my limits and letting me have the odd off day! Fenny - I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve my goals and making sure I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding and reaching a weight which I don't think I'd been since leaving college! Thanks again for your patience, perseverance and for helping me to enjoy exercising - I could not have done it without you!" - Nicola Davies (Senior Associate)

"Training with Rabi has been a great experience as he is very serious about the health and fitness of his clients. He prepares in advance for each training session and also tailors a different routime every quarter so that clients do not get bored and the body also gets stimulated with each change of routine, Rabi also trained me throughout my pregnancy - good and safe program. Although I did a Caserian birth, I recovered very quickly to my orginal weight and toneness under Rabi's training. My gynae attributed this to my discipline in my fitness program, all thanks to Rabi." - Kathy Teo

"I have had many trainers over the years in different clubs and different sports, but Ronnie by far is the best that I have ever had. He is extremely professional in the way he handles his clients. Not only does he guide you on the physical training but also on your diet which is so important. I have been impressed how he has helped in my rehabilitation from a recurring squash injury and tailor made the training to work around this handicap. I am now looking forward to starting my squash training after a year of hard graft involving strength and endurance training. Ronnie is an extremely likable guy and very trust worthy. He is very sincere and his only goal is to see you reach your personal targets, be happy in yourself and be strong. This gym is the best I have ever worked at. Keep it going!" - Nick Banfield (Manager, Multinational Fuel Oil Company)

"I started seeing Fenny a year ago and the fact that Im still seeing her is testament to how great she is! Sessions are really fun and add a different dimension to my overall fitness program -I dont think ive been this fit for years!" - Henrietta Gourlay


"I've been training with Ravi for 5 years. He does a great job - he pushes me further than I would go myself and always keeps the sets varied and interesting ...but his jokes are crap!" - Iain Lappin-Smith (Managing Director, BNPP Fortis)


"I don’t work out because I want to obtain a certain weight or waist measure. I work out to stay healthy, strong and energetic. After several years of working out on my own, I felt I was stuck in a rut. With a busy work schedule, I didn’t have enough time to think through my workouts, but rather ended up doing many of the same exercises over and over again every time I hit the gym. I needed someone to help break my routine, bring variation and fun into my workout, and push me to a new level. With Fenny, I have found a great exercise partner who always comes up with new and challenging workouts, tailored to me and my goals. She pushes my limits and I’m always excited to see what she has planned for me next. Not only does Fenny give me a great workout every time, but her inspiring personality and great sense of humor always makes me leave our workouts with a smile on my face." - Annika (Assistant Vice President)

"I've been training with Rabi for over 5 years. His extensive experience makes him a great instructor for beginners or individuals with advanced fitness requirements. Rabi's endless supply of energy, attitude and great sense of humor helps motivate me when I struggle to keep up. I would highly recommend Rabi at GYM360." - Angie Ho (Director, Online Marketing, Pan Pacific Hotels Group)

"After witnessing my mother's weight loss results and much persuasion from her, i decided to go with her to Gym360. I was very nervous initially and had images of grueling exercises that i was forced to do, running in my mind, but my fears were allayed after i had started training with Kelvin and Ron. I was very impressed with their professionalism, versatility and patience; in fact, i actually found my session enjoyable and fun. With guidance and push from them on eating habits and correct exercise techniques, I could see results which kept me determined to go on training with them. Ron even incorporates Kickboxing in his training sessions so there is variety and a total body workout. It was a good move that i had made and i have never looked better!" - Daphne

"I have been training with Kelvin for about 6 months now and have been very satisfied with the results. Before I started my sessions with Kelvin, I did cardio exercises regularly in the gym. I was sceptical about personal training regimes, thinking that they were for body builders or people who aspired to look like Brad Pitt. However, I was advised that weights training was also good for general fitness, and may help stave off muscular problems associated with aging.

As I did my research for personal trainers, I found that Fitness360 had good reviews, and offered the flexibility of signing up with a personal trainer without the costly commitment of a gym membership. My training sessions are always fun and effective, each one customised to meet my fitness goals.

Kelvin has also been very accommodating to my busy work schedule. Friends and family have commented that I look healthier and fitter since I started my training sessions, and I have to agree with them!" - Aaron Yeo (Deutsche Bank AG, Corporate Development AfK)

"The last 18 months with Fitness 360 has been a tremendous personal learning experience for me. I feel much fitter and stronger. This has greatly improved my personal life. Kelvin, my trainer has been very effective in helping me focus on my key weaknesses. He is disciplined and at the same time flexible to work around by my busy schedule. The facilities at Fitness 360 are state of the art and best of all the gym is not over crowded. I am happy to recommend Fitness 360 to friends and colleagues." - Manoj Menon (Partner / Managing Director, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific)

"Working with Rabi has been great for getting into shape. He is always working new exercises into the exercise routine to keep the workouts effective and engaging. I'd recommend Rabi and Fitness 360 to anyone who wants to improve their fitness." - David Hand

"I began training with Fenny two and a half years ago to get into shape for my wedding, and with Fenny's experience and motivation I not only dropped the weight I wanted to and toned up, but developed a whole new relationship with exercise. Far from quitting after the wedding, physical training, both with Fenny and on my own, has now become a part of my routine and something to look forward to rather than being a tedious obligation; our sessions are tough and get results but they are also fun and because no two sessions are ever the same it is impossible to get bored!

I recently had a baby and I have no doubt not only that my pregnancy and childbirth were easier as a result of the strength training I had been doing with Fenny, but also that Fenny will be able to help me achieve my goal of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness levels. Two and a half years ago I dreaded the prospect of having weight to lose and muscle to build; now I relish that challenge and have Fenny to thank, both for my change in attitude to exercise and for the knowledge that what previously seemed impossible is, with her help, encouragement, and expertise, completely achievable." - Isabelle Claisse

"I'm 52 and until 2 years ago, had been fairly 'inert' for most of my life. To say that I was phobic to exercise would not have been an understatement. Over the years the desire to keep fit had struck me intermitently and I'd dabbled in tennis, squash, golf, dance, aerobic programmes, exercise under Personal Trainers but had invariably failed to sustain the regime. Sad but true.

2 years ago, I was introduced to Fenny and in another bid to keep fit, I started training under her. I started out with scepticism, reluctance and was not confident that I would last. Incredibly, as of today I still train with her twice a week and can truly say that I feel regret whenever I have to give a session a miss!

Credit for this has to go to Fenny as she managed to break down my 'phobia' for exercise. She's even managed to inspire me to do cardio workouts on my own ...and that's a first for me! Her gift to me is her friendship, her dedication, her encouragement, and her faith in me. She truly cares and that was what made the difference for me." - Lay Lam